Project description:

There is a strong need to deliver social innovation and entrepreneurship competences to university graduates. The project “edu4society” addresses the needs of our society for higher social cohesion, deeper active citizenship and improved equity, based on articulating innovative project architectures in order to to capacitate the potential of a cross-sectorial partnership between universities, businesses, and adult education sectors.

Project specific objectives:

  1. To define the needs of professional business conduct and civic behaviour of business and socio-economic sectors into the learning needs embedded in the innovative curriculum, based on the engagement of stakeholders from education, business, research and civil society.
  1. To capacitate the potential of social responsibility and civic knowledge co-creation through the engagement of learners (students, academics, teachers, experts and business practitioners) to the innovative educational solution based on multi-layer and multi-use educational modules.
  1. To maximize the potential of cross-border knowledge exchange for developing social, civic, intercultural and responsible business conduct, based on involving learners (students, academics, teachers, experts and business practitioners) in the Innovative e-Educational Solution.
  1. To promote active citizenship, equity values and business social responsibility good practices exchange across local and European levels to nourish the cross-sectorial stakeholders with innovative knowledge from education-business cooperation.

Project activities:

Intellectual Outputs:

  1. Innovative curriculum with embedded social responsibility and civic knowledge.
  2. Innovative Educational Solution with digital modules and resources.
  3. Innovative e-Educational Solution fueled with exchange flows of good-practices (E-knowledge platform).

Intensive program for HE learners (summer schools):

  • 1st Summer School (5 days) organized and held in University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania,  entitled  “Innovative Education to Foster Social Responsibility and Civic Knowledge”, period: June 2017;
  • 2nd Summer School (5 days) organized and held in University of Maribor, Slovenia,   entitled  Sustainable Ecosystem through Responsible University-Business Collaboration”, period: June/July 2018.

Multiplier Events:

  1. Multiplier event held in Romania: “Innovation in the education system –the success factor for building the principled approach to doing business”, 2017.
  2. Multiplier event held in Slovenia: “The healthy business ecosystem through joining forces and collaboration between all stakeholders”, 2018.
  3. Multiplier event held in Bulgaria: “The strategic relevance of sustainability collaboration between university-industry-government”, 2018.